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Hivemapper (HONEY) Skyrockets By Over +1500% in Last 30 Days, Today’s New Exchange Listing Fuels The Price More High

In the midst of discussions surrounding the surge of BONK and BitTorrent, one cryptocurrency that stealthily climbed the charts is Hivemapper (HONEY). Over the past 30 days, the HONEY token has experienced an astonishing surge, catapulting it by an impressive 1500%, silently evading the spotlight until now.

The HONEY token’s meteoric rise is nothing short of remarkable, boasting a staggering +1489.23% increase from $0.2138 to $0.3380 within the last month.

Hivemapper-HONEY-Cryptocurrency price
Source: CoinMarketCap

What is Hivemapper (HONEY)?

Launched in November 2022, Hivemapper (HONEY) distinguishes itself as a decentralized global mapping network. What sets it apart is its innovative approach of rewarding contributors for amassing high-volume 4K street-level imagery using dashcams, all orchestrated through a drive-to-earn model.

BingX Exchange Listed Hivemapper (HONEY):

Adding fuel to the already blazing trajectory of Hivemapper (HONEY) is the recent listing on the BingX Exchange. A prominent name in the cryptocurrency exchange sphere, BingX listed Hivemapper (HONEY) for SPOT trading at precisely 8:00:00 (UTC) today. This strategic move has further propelled the token’s value to new heights.

As of the latest update, Hivemapper (HONEY) is currently trading at $0.3258, exhibiting an impressive +48% surge in the last 24 hours. The market capitalization stands at a robust $83 million, underscoring the substantial interest and investment flowing into this burgeoning cryptocurrency.

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