Rivalz AI Airdrop Guide

Rivalz Airdrop

Rivalz is an AI-driven DePIN RollApp designed to create a future-proof AI Provenance Data Layer, fostering a modular ecosystem for AI applications.

Rivalz focuses on enhancing AI data provenance, which is crucial for developing a robust AI data market.

As the first DePIN RollApp to leverage Dymension with Celestia DA technology, Rivalz aims to enrich Dymension’s ecosystem. It provides a modular data layer accessible to all RollApps, promoting an AI provenance-focused data market.

The Rivalz Intel Incentivized Testnet is live now, and you can join to earn Testnet Points, giving you access to the $RIZ airdrop in Q3!

Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit the Rivalz Incentivized Testnet Here.
  2. Connect Your Wallet and Twitter: Earn bonus points by linking your accounts.
  3. Engage on Social Media:
    • Navigate to the Socials section.
    • Connect your Tweet and Discord accounts.
    • Tweet about Rivalz, mentioning @Rivalz_ai or $RIZ. Engage with @Rivalz_ai for additional points.
    • Points are awarded based on the number of impressions your tweets receive and are distributed weekly.
  4. Run the rClient Node: PC users can download and run the rClient node for additional points.
  5. Earn Higher Points.