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FTX Creditors Expected to Receive $12-$16 Billion in Cash, Says Messari Analyst

(Wed 10 July 2024, 07:43 AM GMT):

In the latest update from the cryptocurrency world, former Messari senior research analyst Tom Dunleavy shared some promising news on the social media platform X. Dunleavy stated, “In October and November this year, FTX will provide creditors with $12 billion to $16 billion in cash. Basically, I think this is all buying power.” This announcement comes as a relief to many, especially those worried about negative market impacts such as the MT.GOX plunge.

Crypto analyst Ash Crypto had previously mentioned that despite the concerns, factors like FTX’s plan to distribute a significant amount of money to creditors could drive the market to new highs. According to the schedule:

  • August 16: FTX customer voting deadline
  • October 7: Judge Dorsey’s decision on the approval of the plan

If approved by the court, FTX aims to repay creditors within two months, likely between the fourth quarter of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025. This timeline coincides with other positive developments, including potential interest rate cuts, new accounting rules from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and the outcomes of the US election.

Given that many FTX customers are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the injection of up to $16 billion into the market could be a significant catalyst for price increases.


The Collapse of FTX

In November 2022, FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange, declared bankruptcy, leaving investors and customers in shock. Founded in 2019 by Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX quickly gained prominence through high-profile acquisitions and celebrity endorsements. The downfall began with a report revealing that Alameda Research, another firm founded by Bankman-Fried, held a large amount of FTX’s native token, FTT. This revelation triggered a bank run, with customers withdrawing billions, leading to a drastic fall in FTT’s price.

Looking Ahead

The upcoming cash distribution to FTX creditors could be a significant event for the cryptocurrency market. As these funds re-enter the market, they have the potential to drive prices up and restore some confidence among investors. With the right conditions aligning, the crypto market might see a new surge in activity and value.

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