Bitcoin Jumps Back, While Livepeer, UMA, and Akash Network Going Higher-Featured Image

Bitcoin Jumps Back, While Livepeer, UMA, and Akash Network Going Higher


On the morning of Friday, the cryptocurrency market is looking greenish as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) jumps back from yesterday’s dip of $60,800 to the current $62,935. This surge has brought a rally in the overall crypto market today, as AI tokens and memecoins are surging with impressive gains today. 

Meanwhile, coming on to top gainers, the prices of top crypto coins Livepeer (LPT), UMA (UMA) and Akash Network (AKT) are surging today.

Current Prices for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH):

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a commendable uptick of 2.25%, now priced at $62,902 with a market capitalization of $1.24 trillion. Ethereum (ETH) is not far behind, trading at $3,029, marking a 1.22% increase in the last 24 hours and boasting a market cap of $363 billion.

Top Gainers:

Source: Coinmarketcap

1. Livepeer (LPT): Livepeer (LPT) has emerged as a frontrunner in today’s surge, with its price skyrocketing by +33.57% to reach $19.96 within the past 24 hours. The market cap for LPT now stands impressively at $634 million. Over the last week, LPT has witnessed a staggering surge of 55.35%, showcasing its potential for growth.

2. UMA (UMA): UMA (UMA) the DAO Token, is another standout performer, with its price climbing by 21.97% to $3.868 in the past 24 hours. The market cap for UMA now stands at $312 million. Over the span of the last week, UMA has demonstrated robust growth, surging by an impressive 49.55%.

3. Akash Network (AKT): Akash Network (AKT) the ai token has also joined the ranks of the day’s top gainers, witnessing a price surge of 12.86% to $5.56 within the last 24 hours. The market cap for AKT now stands at $1.33 billion. Over the course of the previous week, AKT has shown remarkable resilience, boasting a surge of 34.25%.

In conclusion, as Bitcoin rebounds from recent fluctuations, it brings forth a tide that lifts many boats in the cryptocurrency ocean. Among the notable beneficiaries of this resurgence are Livepeer (LPT), UMA (UMA), and Akash Network (AKT), each showcasing impressive gains.

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