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Bitcoin in Red, While Celsius, Kaspa, and Thorchain Surging Higher


In the cryptocurrency market, Thursday morning brought a mixed bag of news. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the giants of the market, found themselves in the red, experiencing a slight drop in their values. This sluggish movement in Bitcoin has momentarily halted the rallying momentum for AI and meme-based tokens that had been enjoying significant surges in recent days. However, if this slow trend persists, Bitcoin may retest the $57,000 mark once again.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum may be taking a breather, the spotlight today falls on the remarkable surges of Celsius (CEL), Kaspa (KAS), and Thorchain (RUNE).

Current Prices for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH):

Bitcoin (BTC) is down by 1.48%, trading at $61,507, with a market capitalization of $1.21 trillion. Ethereum (ETH) follows suit, experiencing a 0.54% decrease, now priced at $2,992, boasting a market cap of $359 billion.

Top Gainers Today:

Top Gainers Today Price
Source: Coinmarketcap
  1. Celsius (CEL): CEL is leading the charge with an impressive 68.93% surge, reaching $0.9503 within the last 24 hours. The CEL token’s market cap now stands at $719 million, marking a remarkable 293% increase over the past week.
  2. Kaspa (KAS): Kaspa the layer-1 token is making waves with a 9.42% increase, currently priced at $0.1231. The KAS token’s market cap sits comfortably at $2.90 billion, with a notable 13.84% surge in the last seven days.
  3. Thorchain (RUNE): Thorchain is also on the rise, experiencing an 8.72% surge, now priced at $5.90. With a market cap of $1.98 billion, the RUNE token has seen an impressive 24.89% increase over the past week.

As Bitcoin and Ethereum take a temporary backseat, the surges of Celsius, Kaspa, and Thorchain demonstrate the bullishness of the market.

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