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Why is Notcoin Pumped By +372% In Last 10 Days?

(June 4, 2024, 18:32 PM IST)

Notcoin (NOT), the play-to-earn game token from the TON ecosystem, has garnered significant attention with its remarkable performance. The token has experienced a staggering +372% increase over the past 10 days, with its market capitalization soaring to a high of $2.97 billion. This surge leads Notcoin to an all-time high of $0.02865. Currently, Notcoin is trading at $0.02394, with a market cap of $2.46 billion, making it the 48th highest market cap token on CoinMarketCap.

Source: TradingView

What’s Driving NOT’s Price Rally?

1. Social Sentiment

One of the primary drivers of Notcoin’s price rally is the growing retail interest fueled by social media platforms which is also highlighted by cointelegraph. The buzz around Notcoin has skyrocketed, particularly in the last two weeks. According to a June 3 post by Alphascan, Notcoin quickly became the second-most mentioned cryptocurrency in a 12-hour timeframe. This heightened social media presence has significantly boosted its visibility and attractiveness among retail investors.

2. Growing Investor Interest

Investors interest in Notcoin has surged, making it the fifth-most traded cryptocurrency on the market. On June 3, Notcoin’s trading volume reached an impressive $4 billion, surpassing USD Coin’s (USDC) $3.5 billion trading volume. Despite a subsequent 50.48% drop in trading volume to $2.2 billion, this initial surge indicates a strong consolidation phase after the massive rally. Such high trading volumes reflect the robust interest and confidence investors have in Notcoin.

3. Trending Status

Source: Coinmarketcap

Notcoin’s impressive performance has also been bolstered by its trending status on CoinMarketCap. This additional visibility has consistently kept Notcoin in the spotlight, attracting new users and investors. The increased attention from being a trending token has provided an extra boost, sustaining the momentum of the rally.



Notcoin’s recent price rally can be attributed to a combination of strong social sentiment, growing investor interest, and its trending status on major cryptocurrency platforms. As Notcoin continues to capture the attention of the crypto community, its future performance will be closely watched by both current and potential investors. The coming days will reveal whether Notcoin can maintain its upward trajectory or if it will undergo further consolidation.

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