What is Pi2Day 2023 Art Festival A Detailed Guide (1)

What is Pi2Day 2023 Art Festival: A Detailed Guide

Pi2Day 2023 Art Festival

A Detailed Guide

What is Pi2Day 2023 Art Festival A Detailed Guide (1)


Pi2Day 2023 Art Festival


The Pi2Day Pi Art Festival is an annual event that celebrates the power of art and creativity. This year’s festival will take place on June 28, 2023, and the theme is “Visualize a Day in a Pi-Powered World.”

The festival is open to artists of all skill levels, and there are no restrictions on the medium or style of art that can be submitted. The only requirement is that the art must be related to the theme of the festival.

Selected submissions will be curated by the Pi Network Core Team and featured on Pi’s social media platforms, blog, and other promotional channels. Additionally, the creators of the top submissions will have the opportunity to win a coveted Pi2Day T-shirt.

To participate in the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival, simply submit your artwork to the Fireside Forum before the deadline of June 20, 2023. For more information, please visit the Pi Network website.


Pi2Day Pi Art Festival

The theme for the 2023 Pi2Day Pi Art Festival is “Visualize a Day in a Pi-Powered World.” While the focus remains on the utility and integration of Pi in everyday life, participants are encouraged to approach the concept from a holistic perspective, delving into how Pi could seamlessly permeate various aspects of our daily existence. The organizers invite pioneers to use their imagination and artistic prowess to portray a comprehensive and interconnected vision of a world enhanced by the power of Pi.

Selected submissions that capture the essence of the theme will be curated by the Core Team and showcased on Pi’s social media platforms, blog, and other promotional channels. Additionally, the creators of these exceptional works will have the opportunity to win a coveted Pi2Day T-shirt, serving as a testament to their artistic talent and creativity. Therefore, it is crucial for artists to craft their pieces with a strong alignment to the theme to maximize their chances of recognition.


While the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival encourages participants to explore open-minded and thought-provoking ideas, the organizers kindly request that all submissions be tasteful and devoid of hateful, vulgar, or otherwise offensive content. It is essential to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment that celebrates the power of creativity and artistic expression.

To fully immerse yourself in the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival, it is advisable to explore different mediums and techniques that align with your artistic style. Whether you prefer traditional painting, digital art, sculptures, or any other form of artistic expression, this festival welcomes all types of creative endeavors. Take this opportunity to experiment with new ideas, push the boundaries of your imagination, and let the power of Pi guide your artistic journey.

Remember, the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival is not just a platform for individual expression; it also serves as a vibrant community where artists can connect, inspire, and support one another. Take the time to explore the incredible works shared by fellow participants, engage in discussions, and provide constructive feedback. By actively participating in the community, you not only enhance your own artistic growth but also contribute to the overall success of the festival.

As the 2023 Pi2Day Pi Art Festival draws near, prepare to immerse yourself in a world where creativity, innovation, and the power of Pi converge. Let your imagination soar and craft artwork that envisions a day in a Pi-powered world, showcasing the limitless possibilities that emerge when technology and art intertwine. The stage is set, the community is waiting, and your artistic journey awaits its grand debut at the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival.


Here are some tips for creating art for the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival:

Think about how Pi could be used to improve our lives in the future. What new possibilities could it open up?

Use your imagination to create a visually appealing and thought-provoking piece of art.

Be sure to follow the theme of the festival: “Visualize a Day in a Pi-Powered World.”

Submit your artwork early to give yourself the best chance of being selected.



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the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival is an annual event that celebrates artistic expression and creativity within the context of a “Pi Powered World.” Participants are encouraged to visualize and portray a world enhanced by Pi, focusing on its integration into various aspects of daily life. The festival provides a platform on Fireside Forum for artists to share their artwork with the community, gain support, and potentially have their submissions curated and featured on Pi’s social media platforms and blog. The event also offers participants the chance to win a special Pi2Day T-shirt.

While the festival encourages open-minded and thoughtful creations, it emphasizes the importance of tastefulness and the absence of offensive or hateful subject matter in the submitted artwork. Overall, the Pi2Day Pi Art Festival aims to inspire artists to explore the possibilities of a Pi-powered future and foster a sense of community and appreciation for art within the Pi ecosystem.

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