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U.S. Government Wallet Initiates Notable Ethereum Transaction

(Date: 01 July 2024 14:46 PM IST)

In today’s cryptocurrency news, a significant transaction involving a U.S. government wallet has caught everyone’s attention. As reported by Odaily, at 16:34, about 3,375 Ethereum (ETH) was moved from this wallet to another address starting with 0x5ac4. This transaction is valued at approximately $11.72 million.

The sheer size of this transaction underscores its importance in the crypto world. However, the reason behind this move and the identity of the recipient remain a mystery. The only clue we have is the recipient’s address, which doesn’t reveal much.


At the time of writing ETH is trading at $3,477 with the surge of 2.47% in last 24 hr.

Such large transactions from government wallets are rare and can signal a variety of actions, from regulatory moves to strategic investments

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