Top 3 Tap-To-Earn Project To Play For Profits Like Notcoin


(08 June 2024, 23:53 PM IST):

The cryptocurrency market has seen an explosion of innovative ways to earn digital assets, and one standout is Notcoin (NOT). This play-to-earn game from the Ton ecosystem has captured significant attention with its impressive performance, hitting an all-time high (ATH) of $0.02895. Notcoin has become one of the top 10 traded coins, enjoying a market cap of over $2.97 billion. Players earn NOT tokens during airdrops, making it an exciting venture for gamers and crypto lovers.

If you’re looking for similar opportunities, here are the top three Telegram-based tap-to-earn projects that offer a chance to play for profits:

1. Hamster Kombat (HMSTR)

hamster kombat

Hamster Kombat is a widely popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram where players manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital hamsters to earn coins. The game has swiftly gained traction, boasting millions of active users shortly after its launch. Joining is straightforward – you can access it through a Telegram bot without needing additional downloads or complex setups.

How to Play:

  • Join the Game: Access Hamster Kombat via the Telegram bot.
  • Gameplay: Tap on digital hamsters to earn HMSTR coins.
  • Accessibility: Easy to start with just a smartphone and internet connection.
  • User Base: +60 Million

2. TapSwap (TAPS)

TapSwap is a fast-growing tap-to-earn game built on the Solana blockchain. This game combines the thrill of tapping with the robust features of a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. By interacting with the TapSwap bot on Telegram, players can earn TAPS tokens. The game’s straightforward mechanics and the allure of real cryptocurrency rewards have significantly boosted its popularity.

How to Play:

  • Join the Game: Start by joining the TapSwap Telegram bot.
  • Gameplay: Tap the screen to mine TapSwap coins. The more you tap, the more coins you accumulate.
  • Rewards: Earn TAPS tokens, which can be traded or used within the platform.
  • User Base: +30 Million

3. MemeFi Club (MEMEFI)

MemeFi Club (MEMEFI)

MemeFi Club merges meme culture with blockchain gaming, creating a unique tap-to-earn experience. Players create characters and join meme-inspired clans to engage in both player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) battles. The game’s focus on clan-based combat, combined with an evolving narrative, has made it a favorite among Telegram gamers.

How to Play:

  • Join a Clan: Start by joining a clan and creating your character.
  • Gameplay: Participate in missions, such as boss raids and clan battles, to earn rewards.
  • Unique Attributes: Each character and clan has distinct attributes that impact gameplay.
  • User Base: +4 Million


These three Telegram-based tap-to-earn games – Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and MemeFi Club – offer exciting opportunities to earn cryptocurrency while enjoying engaging gameplay. Like Notcoin, they provide a unique blend of entertainment and profit potential, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to dive into the world of crypto gaming.

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