SPACE ID (ID) Soars Following Upbit Exchange Listing Announcement

SPACE ID (ID) Soars Following Upbit Exchange Listing Announcement

SPACE ID (ID), the universal name service network renowned for its comprehensive identity platform facilitating the discovery, registration, trading, and management of web3 domains, has experienced a significant surge in the cryptocurrency market. The ID token’s value has skyrocketed by an impressive 82.50%, leaping from $0.27 to $0.51 within the span of just 24 hours, boasting a formidable market cap of $238 million. Concurrently, trading volume has surged by a staggering 3053% in the same period.

Upbit Announced SPACE ID (ID) Listing.
Source: Coinmarketcap

Upbit Announced SPACE ID (ID) Listing:

The factor behind this meteoric rise stems from the recent announcement made by Upbit, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Upbit declared today that it will be adding SPACE ID (ID) to its list of supported digital assets, a decision that has undoubtedly fueled investor enthusiasm and propelled the token’s value to new heights.

Upbit’s official listing of SPACE ID (ID) is slated for 24-02-07 at 14:00 local time, marking a major moment for both the token and its dedicated community of supporters. Notably, it’s imperative to highlight that ID exclusively supports deposits on the Ethereum network, with transactions through alternative networks such as Binance Smart Chain not being accommodated.

In line with Upbit’s commitment to ensuring a secure trading environment and furnishing members with precise market data, certain conditions will be enforced following the introduction of new digital assets to the KRW Market. Transaction support is scheduled to commence on 2024-02-07 at 14:00, a measure aimed at optimizing trading procedures and safeguarding the interests of all participants.

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