r/Cryptocurrency MOON Skyrockets: Listed On Crypto.Com

r/Cryptocurrency MOON Skyrockets: Listed On Crypto.Com

By Nilesh Hembade 19-July-2023 05:44 AM GMT

rCryptocurrency MOON Skyrockets Listed On Crypto.Com



The native token of Reddit’s popular r/CryptoCurrency community, MOON, has experienced an astonishing surge of +104% in the past 24 hours, reaching a high of $0.546. This surge follows the exciting news of MOON’s listing on the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto.Com.

The listing of MOON on Crypto.Com has undoubtedly injected a newfound vigor into the r/Cryptocurrency community. As one of the largest and most reputable exchanges in the crypto space, Crypto.Com decision to add MOON to its platform for trading has generated considerable excitement among investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.


Recent ToS Changes

However, the recent surge in MOON’s value can also be attributed to the significant changes in Reddit’s Terms of Service. These changes have had a substantial impact on the prices of tokenized Community Points, including the MOON token. 

According to the revised Terms of Service, Reddit users now have the ability to “earn, claim, purchase, sell, or give certain virtual avatars, goods, currencies, or items that can be cryptographically verified on a public blockchain.”


Since the implementation of these changes, the value of the $MOON token has skyrocketed by an impressive +435% in the past seven days, further fueling the excitement surrounding the cryptocurrency. The newfound ability for users to engage in a broader range of activities with their tokenized Community Points has undoubtedly increased the token’s utility and attractiveness to both existing and potential investors.


The Listing of MOON onto the Crypto.Com platform opens up a myriad of possibilities for users to trade, exchange, and leverage their MOON tokens in a secure and trusted environment. With Crypto.Com’s robust infrastructure and vast user base, the listing is expected to bring increased liquidity and trading volume to the MOON token.



MOON token of Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency community has witnessed an impressive surge of +104% in the past 24 hours and has reached a high of $0.546. The listing of MOON on Crypto.Com, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has contributed to this surge and brought heightened excitement to the community. 

Moreover, the recent changes in Reddit’s Terms of Service, allowing for more activities with tokenized Community Points, have boosted the value of the $MOON token by a remarkable +435% in the past seven days.


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