Pi Network Pioneers: Know How to Secure Your Hard-earned Pi Coins from the Latest Scam

Pi Network Pioneers: Know How to Secure Your Hard-earned Pi Coins from the Latest Scam

By Nilesh Hembade 27-August-2023 5:40 AM GMT



Pi Network, the highly popular cryptocurrency worldwide, Being targeted by scammers day by day as the project becomes more popular.

 Pi Network is a mobile mining cryptocurrency project that has more than 45 million users worldwide, making it one of the biggest competitors to major cryptocurrencies. The scammers are attacking its users to steal their Pi coins, as the future value of PI coins could be high.


Pi Network Instruction About The Scam

Recently, the Pi Network has given instructions to its pioneers on its official mining app about a new scam. By falling for this scam, lots of pioneers are losing their hard-earned Pi Coins to this latest scam.

Source: Pi App

The scammers are making fake URLs by using the Pi network name. When a pioneer visited these dummy URLs, the scammers asked for the passphrase of the pioneer, in which he had stored his hard-earned Pi coins in his Pi wallet. After submitting the passphrase on these fake websites, scammers can easily access the pioneer’s wallet and transfer all his coins to it.

How To Avoid This Scam?

To avoid these scams, pioneers should never submit their passphrase anywhere except at the official Pi Browser URL “pi://wallet.pi”. Always check this URL before submitting your passphrase.

Remember, the Pi network will never ask for your passphrase until and unless you visit the Pi wallet in the Pi browser.



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