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what is pi networkWhat Is Pi Network :

kk. The Pi Network was created by a team lead by two Stanford PhDs and released in March 2019.The initiative uses blockchain technology and enables mobile device mining for the Pi Coin cryptocurrency.

The Pi Network employs a novel method of mining that is based on the idea of “social mining,” as well as a consensus process called “Proof of Stake” that enables users to receive rewards by keeping the coin in their wallets. This implies that you can receive greater prizes the more individuals you invite to the network. The Pi Network can be accessed in smartphones and computers.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Pi Network does not require expensive hardware or specialized knowledge to mine. Instead, users can mine Pi Network using their smartphones by downloading the Pi Network app and joining the network.

As of May 2023 , the Pi Network had reached 45 million users.

How Pi Network Works:

How Pi Network Works

By pushing a button once every day, users of the app help mine the Pi cryptocurrency. For users to join the app, members must provide an invitation code. According to how many new members they bring on, the platform’s referral programme allows users to earn extra money.

On the Pi Network, there are four different categories of users:

Pioneer: Those who hit the lightning button to mining Pi.

Contributor: In exchange for a reward, users offer the network with a list of reliable users.

Ambassadors: Individuals that use their referral code to sign up new users for the network.

Nodes: Participants utilizing their personal computers to run the Pi node software.

How To Mine Pi Coins:

How To Mine Pi Coins

Install the Pi Network app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

A valid email address, and a strong password are required to create an account.

Verify your account by adhering to the in-app instructions.

To begin earning Pi Coin, launch the app and tap the “mine” icon.

To receive prizes, keep the app open and running on your smartphone.

Get more rewards by getting more people to join the network via “social mining.”

In the app, keep an eye on your balance and transactions.

It’s important to keep in mind that your ability to earn Pi Coin will be influenced by a variety of variables, including the number of individuals you invite to the network, how much time you spend mining, and the overall effectiveness of the Pi Network.

Value Of Pi Network :

value of pi network

The Pi coin has no value at the moment. It can’t be stated to have any value because it isn’t listed or traded on any market.

The native coin won’t be released until phase 3 of the project, when the Pi Network mainnet starts, claims the project’s whitepaper. No one knows for sure when this might happen because the creators haven’t provided any specific timeframe information.

Future Value Of Pi Network :

Future Value of Pi Network

Any cryptocurrency’s future value, including PI () Network’s, cannot be predicted with certainty. A number of variables, including market demand, supply, adoption, rules, and general market mood, affect the value of cryptocurrencies.

The amount of adoption and demand for the network, among other variables, will affect the minimal value of the PI () Network. It’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate quickly, so any estimate of a minimal value may not come to pass.

Pi Networks Mainnet Launch :

Pi Networks Mainnet launch

As per the Pi Core team, Pi Network is currently at a significant phase of its enclosed mainnet development, the final stages of transition to a open mainnet – fully decentralized, access to the other blockchains, and enable Pi coins to trade with other cryptos or fiat currencies.

Since its mainnet migration began on August 3, 2022, Pi Network has been focused on technical improvements, KYC solution, Pi platform and ecosystem building, among others. There is currently no set schedule for the changeover, but the last phase of making the mainnet accessible to the general public is proceeding as planned.

Conclusion : In conclusion, Pi Network is a cryptocurrency initiative that enables users to carry out mining activities using their cellphones and receive payments in the form of Pi coin, the network’s native cryptocurrency. The platform was developed by a group of Stanford University alums to make it simple for everyone to participate in the cryptocurrency.

Official Website : https://minepi.com/


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