Pi Network Introduces a New Feature on Fireside Forum: Checkout in Details

Pi Network Introduces a New Feature on Fireside Forum: Checkout in Details

By Nilesh Hembade 01-Sept-2023 5:18 AM GMT


In a move aimed at enhancing transparency and combating misinformation, Pi Network has unveiled an innovative feature on its Fireside Forum platform. The new “Weblinks” feature, integrated into the Pi Browser, enables users to share URLs containing news articles and updates in the dedicated #News Channel. 

This strategic update is set to provide Pi Network’s ever-growing community with a reliable source of information, directly from the platform.

Pi Network has rapidly established itself as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency sphere, garnering attention from enthusiasts and skeptics alike. As its user base continues to expand, the network’s team recognized the need for a reliable channel of information to counteract the spread of fake news surrounding Pi Network


New Feature WebLink

The Fireside Forum, which recently debuted as a Web3 social platform, is at the heart of this new initiative. The platform operates on a tokenomics-based model that incentivizes users to share valuable and constructive content while discouraging the proliferation of misleading or harmful material.

 The introduction of the Weblinks feature aligns with Pi Network’s commitment to fostering productive conversations and healthier interactions within the community.

With the rise of digital communication and the potential for misinformation to spread rapidly, Pi Network’s decision to empower its users with curated, credible news sources demonstrates a proactive approach to maintaining the integrity of information exchange. By integrating the Weblinks feature, Pi Network aims to provide users, often referred to as “pioneers,” with direct access to verified news content from trusted sources.


How To Use WebLink Feature

To utilize the Weblinks feature, Pi Network pioneers are required to update their Pi Browser to the latest version. By visiting the Fireside Forum link, users gain access to the official #News Channel, where they can find accurate and up-to-date news articles related to Pi Network’s developments, partnerships, and other significant announcement

Pi Browser-weblink
Source: Pi Browser
Pi Browser
Source: Pi Browser

The Weblinks feature is expected to not only bolster the community’s awareness but also solidify Pi Network’s reputation as a cryptocurrency platform that values the authenticity and reliability of information. As the network continues to evolve, this feature marks a crucial step in bridging the gap between trustworthy news and its community members.


Pi Network’s commitment to transparency and its innovative approach to fostering a sense of community empowerment are evident through this significant update. The introduction of the Weblinks feature is poised to reshape the way Pi Network pioneers consume news, ensuring that accurate and dependable information remains at the forefront of the network’s ethos.



Pi Network’s latest introduction of the “Weblinks” feature on the Fireside Forum marks a significant stride towards combatting misinformation and ensuring accurate news dissemination within its community. By empowering users with direct access to trusted news sources, Pi Network solidifies its commitment to transparency and credibility


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