Immutable’s IMX Rise – A look at the Latest Developments

Immutable’s $IMX Rise – A look at the Latest Developments

Immutable’s $IMX Rise – A look at the Latest Developments

By Nilesh Hembade 28-July-2023 7:20 AM IST

Immutable’s IMX Rise – A look at the Latest Developments



The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a remarkable surge in the price of $IMX, the native token of Immutable, a leading blockchain platform. Over the past 24 hours, the $IMX token has experienced an impressive increase of +11.68%, demonstrating its resilience and growing popularity among investors and users alike.


Recent Partnerships Of Immutable

1.EFDefense Partnership – Empowering Web3 Game Creators:

 On July 27, Immutable announced a partnership with EFDefense, a popular creator of web3 games. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to leverage the potential of Immutable’s zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). 

zkEVM is a groundbreaking technology that allows Ethereum-based applications to achieve greater scalability and efficiency. With the integration of EFDefense’s innovative games on the Immutable blockchain, users can expect a seamless and enhanced gaming experience.

2.Helika Analytics Joins as a Strategic Partner:

On the same day, Immutable also revealed a strategic partnership with Helika Analytics. The analytics firm is set to play a crucial role in assisting web3 NFT projects and gaming studios in making data-driven decisions. Helika Analytics offers a no-code analytics solution, making it easier for developers and creators to analyze user behavior, performance metrics, and other crucial data points. 

This partnership is expected to drive further growth and adoption within the web3 gaming and NFT ecosystem.

3.PlayCoinArcade Goes Live on Immutable zkEVM:

Two days prior, on July 25, Immutable welcomed PlayCoinArcade to its ecosystem. As another prominent player in the gaming industry, PlayCoinArcade brings a wide selection of over 60+ trending and most-played games to the Immutable platform. 

Users can now access these games through a unified platform experience and even participate in exciting weekly tournaments. The integration of PlayCoinArcade with Immutable’s zkEVM enhances the security and scalability of the gaming platform, offering users a more immersive and secure gaming environment


With these recent developments and partnerships, Immutable is positioning itself as a major player in the ever-expanding world of blockchain gaming and NFTs. The platform’s focus on scalability, security, and user experience has been pivotal in attracting valuable collaborations and investor interest..



Immutable’s $IMX cryptocurrency has experienced a significant surge, up by +11.68% in the last 24 hours. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the platform’s recent strategic partnerships and developments.

 With collaborations with EFDefense, Helika Analytics, and PlayCoinArcade, Immutable is making strides in the web3 gaming and NFT sectors. The integration of zkEVM technology enhances the platform’s scalability and security, fostering a more immersive and secure user experience.


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