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Exploring the Scenarios: Google Bard Examines Bitcoin’s Future with a SPOT ETF

As the whole cryptocurrency market is booming today following the anticipation of Bitcoin SPOT ETF approval, which is likely to take place tomorrow, January 10, 2024.
Investors are quite interested in what could happen with the price of bitcoin after getting approval—will it fly or will it fall?

To clear this doubt, we have asked this to google bard about it, and we have found interesting data as follows:.

Screenshot of Reply, Source: Google Bard


Brief Overview of This 3 Scenarios:

1) Bullish Surge:

Investors may witness a robust surge from the current price, with analysts projecting potential highs ranging between $69,723.00 and $92,964.00. This optimistic outlook is rooted in historical price movements and the anticipated influx of new investors facilitated by the ETF. The increased accessibility could act as a catalyst, driving Bitcoin’s price upward.

2) Sell-the-News Event:

On the flip side, the approval might trigger a “sell-the-news” event, characterized by profit-taking. In this scenario, a dip below the current price to the range of $37,185.60 to $41,833.80 becomes a possibility, especially if the initial excitement levels off. Investors looking to capitalize on gains could contribute to a temporary decline in Bitcoin’s value.

3) Uncertain Fluctuation:

A more moderate scenario envisions uncertain fluctuations, with Bitcoin’s price hovering in the range of $44,157.90 to $48,806.10. This range suggests a period of consolidation or gradual movements in either direction immediately following the SPOT ETF approval. The market may find stability, albeit with some level of unpredictability.


Remember, the cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, and any predictions should be treated with caution. Diversifying your investments and conducting thorough research before entering the market are essential.

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