Everything You Need to Know About DOGS on TON, Telegrams New Memecoin

(Updated on- Friday 12 July 2024, 05:06 AM GMT):

The cryptocurrency market has a new player in town, and it’s a memecoin called “Dogs” that’s making quite a noise. Let’s dive into what this coin is all about.

What is DOGS?

DOGS is a memecoin built around the popular messaging app Telegram and its blockchain network, TON (Telegram Open Network). According to the DOGS Telegram channel, the coin’s mascot is a dog named Spotty. The team behind DOGS emphasizes that this isn’t just another emoji coin. Instead, it’s a unique, community-driven project that embodies the spirit and culture of Telegram’s vibrant community. They aim to bring the legacy of Spotty into the cryptocurrency world, creating something fun and special.

How to Get DOGS?

To get your hands on some DOGS, you need to join the DOGS Bot channel on Telegram. Here’s how it works:

Source: Telegram
  1. Join the Channel: Once you’re in, the bot will analyze your Telegram account. [Join Here]
  2. Earn Points: The longer you’ve had your account and the more active you are, the more points you earn. Premium Telegram accounts get extra points, and you can also earn more by inviting friends to join.
  3. Collect DOGS: These points can be converted into DOGS, effectively airdropping the coin to active Telegram users.

Most users are reporting they can earn around 3,000 points, which is pretty generous. This method is similar to the “vampire” attack-style airdrops familiar to Web3 enthusiasts.

Why is DOGS Popular?

The recent surge in the TON ecosystem led by Notcoin (NOT) has set the stage for DOGS to gain attention quickly. Despite its unexpected launch, DOGS has already attracted 16,45,742 followers on its Telegram channel, which is a phenomenal growth rate in the world of airdrops and memecoins. This rapid rise shows the massive interest and potential of this new coin.

In conclusion, DOGS on TON is not just another memecoin. It’s a fresh and exciting project that leverages the power of the Telegram community to create something unique. If you’re active on Telegram, it might be worth checking out DOGS and joining in on the fun.

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