Crypto Market Today: Livepeer (LPT) and Bitget Token (BGB) Goes Higher While PEPE Goes Down

As the weekend morning dawned upon the crypto market, a mix of excitement and caution filled the air. While stalwarts like Bitcoin and Ethereum took a breather with some mild fluctuations, attention turned to the altcoin arena, where a few notable players were making significant moves. Among them were Livepeer (LPT) and Bitget Token (BGB), which saw impressive upticks, contrasting with the downward trend experienced by Pepecoin (PEPE).

Bitcoin, the reigning king of cryptocurrencies, found itself trading below the $52,000 mark, while Ethereum hovered under $2,800. Despite these minor retracements, the broader market sentiment remained optimistic, especially with the surge in prices witnessed by tokens like MATIC, LPT, and KAS.

Here’s a snapshot of the current prices:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) saw a slight decline of 0.38%, settling at $51,934 within the last 24 hours, maintaining a formidable market cap of $1.02 trillion.
  • Ethereum (ETH) experienced a similar trend, slipping by 1.67% to $2,787, with a market cap of $335 billion.

Livepeer (LPT) and Bitget Token (BGB) Go Higher:

Source: Coinmarketcap
  1. Livepeer (LPT): Investors in Livepeer (LPT) had reasons to rejoice as the token surged impressively by 49.00% within the last 24 hours, reaching $13.97. The market cap for LPT now stands at a substantial $429 Million.
  2. Bitget Token (BGB): Meanwhile, Bitget Token (BGB) also joined the bullish party, marking a significant rise of 29.57% and settling at $1.12 With this surge, the market cap for BGB stands at $1.57 Billion, showcasing its growing prominence in the market.

Pepecoin (PEPE) Goes Down:

  1. Pepecoin (PEPE): Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Pepecoin (PEPE) holders as the popular memecoin witnessed a decline of 5.11%, bringing its price down to $0.00000117 within the last 24 hours. The market cap for PEPE now stands at $493 million, reflecting a temporary setback in its journey.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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