Crypto Market Today: Bitcoin and Ethereum Remains Steady, While BONK and HNT Continue Their Domination

In the early hours of Friday, the cryptocurrency market adorned a shade of green, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) maintaining their stability amidst the digital hustle. However, stealing the spotlight was the enigmatic memecoin, BONK, which soared to new heights following its listing on Coinbase.

Bitcoin (BTC) showed a modest uptick, gaining +0.21% and settling at $42,786.12 over the last 24 hours. The market cap for the pioneer cryptocurrency stood strong at $836 billion. Ethereum (ETH) experienced a slightly more pronounced ascent, trading at $2,282.21 with a +1.39% increase in the same period. ETH boasted a market cap of $274 billion, affirming its significance in the crypto landscape.

BONK and HNT Take Center Stage:


The Solana-based memecoin, BONK, continued its unrivaled dominance in the crypto sphere with an astonishing surge. The price of BONK skyrocketed by +70.43% in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.00002373. The market cap for BONK Token soared to $1.4 billion, showcasing an impressive weekly surge of 135.0%, undoubtedly fueled by the recent Coinbase listing.

Helium (HNT):

Helium (HNT) made waves with an impressive surge of 27.36% over the last 24 hours, bringing its price to $6.9. The market cap for HNT stood at $1.14 billion, reflecting a noteworthy weekly surge of 41.40%. HNT’s strong performance underscores the continued interest and confidence in this blockchain-based wireless network.

BONK and HNT Crypto Coins Prices
Source: Coinmarketcap

The rise of BONK and HNT serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, where new contenders emerge, capturing the imagination of traders and investors alike.

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