Breaking News: Pi Network’s PiHackathon July Edition Won By StreamVault

Breaking News: Pi Network’s PiHackathon July Edition Won By StreamVault

By Nilesh Hembade 10-Sept-2023 4:39 AM GMT

Breaking News Pi Network’s PiHackathon July Edition Won By StreamVault



Pi Network‘s highly anticipated July edition of PiHackathon, the winner has been announced, and it’s none other than StreamVault. The innovative platform secured the first place and a substantial award of 10,000 Pi coins.

Pi Network, the widely recognized cryptocurrency mining app, continues to make waves in the global cryptocurrency landscape. PiHackathon, an event that has become a hallmark of innovation within the Pi Network community, provides developers with a platform to create valuable Pi utilities.


What is StreamVault?

StreamVault’s triumph at the PiHackathon July Edition has cemented its status as a promising addition to the Pi Ecosystem. 

At its core, StreamVault is a subscription-based video streaming platform, still in its nascent stages of development. However, what truly sets StreamVault apart is its visionary approach—to empower Pi Network Pioneers to stream videos and earn Pi through subscriptions to their content.

The concept behind StreamVault is both simple and powerful. Pi Network Pioneers can utilize their Pi tokens to subscribe and watch their preferred videos and creators on the platform.

 This innovative approach not only rewards content creators for their valuable contributions but also offers Pi Network users an exciting new way to utilize their Pi tokens


The future appears bright for StreamVault, with its user-centric model and ambitious vision to transform the way content is consumed and rewarded

. As the platform evolves and gains more users, it has the potential to disrupt the traditional video streaming industry and open up new opportunities for content creators and consumers alike.



StreamVault’s victory at the PiHackathon July Edition signifies a significant milestone for both Pi Network and the broader cryptocurrency community.

It showcases the power of innovation and collaboration within the Pi ecosystem and highlights the potential for Pi to revolutionize various industries, starting with online video streaming. StreamVault’s journey is one to watch as it paves the way for a more decentralized and rewarding digital content landscape.


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