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Breaking News: Pi Network Set to Launch Mainnet in 2024 But With Some Conditions

In a groundbreaking announcement today, Pi Network, renowned as one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, has revealed plans to launch its highly anticipated open mainnet in 2024. However, the journey to the mainnet comes with a set of conditions that must be met before the gates are officially opened to the public.

As of now, Pi Network operates within an Enclosed Mainnet, where Pi trading is restricted. Despite this limitation, the unofficial Pi coin is making waves on major cryptocurrency exchanges, underscoring the platform’s widespread popularity. With an impressive user base exceeding 47 million worldwide, anticipation is building for the imminent Open Mainnet launch.

Pi Network’s Conditions for Mainnet Launch in 2024:

Condition 1: Internal Readiness Takes Flight

In preparation for the mainnet launch, Pi Network is meticulously conducting internal readiness checks across various facets, including technology, product development, business operations, and legal considerations. The recently unveiled V2 Roadmap outlines key technical and product milestones, serving as a comprehensive blueprint for success. While some aspects remain confidential for security reasons or are related to undisclosed projects awaiting revelation, the roadmap promises continuous updates to reflect progress and evolving priorities.

Condition 2: Community Soars – KYC, Migration, and Utility Take Center Stage

The community is set to play a pivotal role in the mainnet launch. Pi Network emphasizes the need to achieve critical mass in KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification, establishing a robust and trustworthy foundation. The ambitious goal is to onboard 15 million fully and tentatively KYC’ed Pioneers, ready to embark on the mainnet adventure. Subsequently, 10 million Pioneers must transition from the Testnet to the mainnet.

Beyond numerical targets, the success of the Open Network relies on the creation of a thriving ecosystem with real-world utilities for the Pi cryptocurrency. Pi Network aims for 100 Pi apps, each offering genuine solutions that add value and address challenges within the Pi ecosystem.

As reference, the current data about the above variables are 8 million KYC’ed Pioneers including fully and tentatively KYC’ed, 3.9 million migrated, and about 40 real Pi apps that we preliminarily deemed as meeting the standards above, although there are many more Pi apps on the Testnet or fulfilling a subset of the standards above which can be improved to qualify during the year.

Condition 3: Navigating the Global Skies – Avoiding Turbulent Headwinds

Acknowledging the potential impact of external factors, Pi Network is cautious about the global financial landscape. Unforeseen events, such as macroeconomic crises, regulatory changes, or geopolitical uncertainties, could introduce turbulence. The Core Team is committed to avoiding unnecessary risks that could jeopardize the community’s efforts. Therefore, the decision to open the gates to the mainnet hinges on a favorable global environment, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for all Pioneers.

As Pi Network users eagerly await the fulfillment of these conditions, the cryptocurrency community is abuzz with anticipation for the landmark mainnet launch in 2024.

Read Official Announcement Here: minepi.com

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