Bitcoin Hovers at Resistance Level, While Mantle, Stacks, and Sui Making Gains- featured image

Bitcoin Hovers at Resistance Level, While Mantle, Stacks, and Sui Making Gains


(06 June 2024, 10:50 AM IST):

As of Thursday morning, the cryptocurrency market is exhibiting bullish vibes, with several major altcoins making noticeable gains. Bitcoin, after experiencing tricky fluctuations, has turned bullish and is now hovering around the $71,000 mark.

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $71,000, slightly down by 0.06% over the last 24 hours, with a market cap of $1.40 trillion. It is at a resistance zone of $70,923. If the bulls manage to break through this resistance level, we could see significant upward momentum in BTC. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) has risen by 1.81% to $3,570 in the past 24 hours, boasting a market cap of $163 billion.

Top Gainers: Mantle, Stacks, and Sui Network

Top Crypto Gainers Today
Source: Coinmarketcap

Mantle (MNT): Mantle, a Layer-2 token, is in the spotlight with impressive gains. Its price has surged by 9.23%, reaching $1.05. The market cap of Mantle is currently $3.44 billion. Over the past seven days, Mantle has seen a total increase of 5.01%.


Stacks (STX): Stacks continues its rally, with its price jumping by 8.21% over the last 24 hours to reach $2.39. Stacks now has a market cap of $3.52 billion. Over the past 30 days, STX has surged by 23.60%.

Sui Network (SUI): The price of Sui Network has also jumped by 5.44% over the last 24 hours, reaching $1.116. Sui Network’s market cap is now $2.70 billion. In the last seven days, the Sui token has surged by 8.92%.

The cryptocurrency market’s bullish trend is bringing attention to these altcoins, with investors closely watching their performance. As Bitcoin hovers at its resistance level, the potential for further gains across the market remains strong.

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