Bitcoin Halving: Don’t Miss These 3 Tokens to Add to in Your Portfolio


As the crypto market bounces back from recent panic selling triggered by geopolitical tensions, all eyes are now on the impending Bitcoin halving event set to occur around April 19, 2024. This event, which happens roughly every four years, slashes the rewards for miners in half, affecting the issuance of new Bitcoins and potentially impacting market dynamics.

In anticipation of this significant event, investors are on the lookout for promising tokens to bolster their portfolios. Here are three tokens that stand out as potential winners in the lead-up to the halving:

1.Toncoin (TON): Riding a wave of momentum, Toncoin (TON), the cryptocurrency affiliated with the messaging giant Telegram, has surged by an impressive 84.42% over the past month, reaching $6.76 with a market cap of $23 billion.

30 Days Return- Source: CoinMarketCap

2.Ondo (ONDO): Serving as the governance token for the Ondo DAO and Flux Finance, Ondo (ONDO) has experienced a remarkable uptick of 84.78% in the last 30 days, currently trading at $0.9431 and boasting a market cap of $1.29 billion, fueled by the recent surge in popularity of RWA tokens.

3.Cat in a Dog World (MEW): Riding the wave of meme coin craze, Cat in a Dog World (MEW) has seen an extraordinary surge of 179% in the past month alone, presenting itself as a compelling option for investors. At the time of writing, MEW was trading at $0.004957, with a market capitalization of $438 million.

With Bitcoin halving on the horizon, these three tokens have garnered attention for their impressive performances and potential for further growth

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