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Bitcoin at Crucial Level, While CORE, OM and OKB Surging Higher


As the sun rises on the cryptocurrency market this Tuesday morning, Bitcoin finds itself at a critical juncture, hovering just below the $63,000 mark after a slight dip from yesterday’s trading price of $66,000. This downward movement is reflective of a broader bearish sentiment across the crypto market, with notable altcoins like SOL, TON, and BCH also experiencing declines.

Bitcoin BTC is trading at a crucial support level of $61K, from which it has taken a pullback four times before. If it fails to take support this time, we will see BTC drop to under $60k, but as the bitcoin halving is just 3 days away, it is likely to take support as of now. 

Source: TradingView

While coming in as top gainers, the prices of Core DAO (CORE) , Mantra (OM) and OKB (OKB) are showing impressive gains today.


Top Gainers:

Core DAO (CORE) has emerged as the standout performer, with its price skyrocketing by nearly 60% in the last 24 hours to reach $2.33 with marketcap of $2.07 billion.

Following closely behind is Mantra (OM), the RWA token, which has surged by approximately 14.86% to hit $0.8181. Despite its comparatively lower price, the OM token boasts a market cap of $658 million.

Meanwhile, OKB (OKB), the CEX token, has also experienced a notable uptick, climbing by 13.77% to reach $59.07. With a market cap of $3.62 billion.

In summary, while Bitcoin remains at a crucial support level, the bullish performances of CORE, OM, and OKB serve as a reminder of the opportunities a in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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