What is Bad Idea AI Cryptocurrency? Complete Details

What is Bad Idea AI Cryptocurrency? Complete Details

By Nilesh Hembade 21-August-2023 8:58 AM GMT

What is Bad Idea AI Cryptocurrency Complete Details



In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, where artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are reshaping industries and societies, there’s a new player in town that’s combining these cutting-edge technologies with an audacious twist – Bad Idea AI Cryptocurrency ($BAD). 

This unique experimental meme is just not about financial gains, but also about exploring the boundaries of human creativity, AI governance, and the power of community.


The Launch of Bad Idea AI

Imagine the collective ingenuity of humans merged with the unpredictability of AI, all wrapped up in a meme-worthy cryptocurrency. Bad Idea AI is exactly that – an unconventional project that seeks to answer the question: Can we let AI and human intuition coexist in a harmonious, albeit chaotic, symbiosis? With the launch of the $BAD token on May 5, 2023, this audacious endeavor came to life.

Since the launch $BAD Token is surges by remarkable +8000% n last 3 Months.

Official Website: Click Here.


Bad Idea AI Working Principles

Bad Idea AI operates on four core governance principles that define its uniqueness:

  1. AI Participation in Governance: Artificial intelligence isn’t just a passive observer here. It actively participates in the decision-making process alongside humans, injecting an element of unpredictability and innovation.
  2. Human DAOs as Counterweights: Human Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) serve as checks and balances to the AI overlords. This setup ensures that the AI’s power doesn’t go unchecked, promoting a more democratic approach to governance.
  3. Multi-Sig Veto Power: The system includes multi-signature veto power, where a designated group of participants can collectively veto decisions made by AI or other parties. This further prevents unilateral actions by any single entity.
  4. Balancing Humans and AI: Achieving harmony between human creativity and AI’s analytical capabilities is at the heart of Bad Idea AI. The goal is to find a sweet spot where both forces enhance each other.


Bad Idea AI Tokenomics and Ecosystem

The centerpiece of this endeavor is the native cryptocurrency token known as BAD. With a total supply cap of a staggering 831 trillion tokens, BAD represents the nucleus of the Bad Idea AI ecosystem. Of this supply, 58% is available to the public, ensuring a broad distribution. The remaining tokens are allocated to the team, AI development, blockchain development, and other purposes that support the project’s growth.

Current Price Of $BAD: $0.000000118

MarketCap: 62M.


How To Buy BAD Idea AI Tokens

Here’s how you can buy $BAD tokens:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on a reputable crypto exchange such as Bitmart or Bitget.
  2. Complete KYC: Comply with the exchange’s KYC process, which is essential for adhering to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
  3. Browse and Choose: Explore the available BAD Idea AI trading pairs on the chosen exchange.
  4. Place an Order: Fund your account, select the BAD Idea AI pair you wish to purchase, place your order, and await its fulfillment.
  5. Enjoy Ownership: Your acquired BAD Idea AI tokens will be safely stored in your wallet, ready to be part of this experimental journey.



Bad Idea AI Cryptocurrency challenges the boundaries of conventional thinking by fusing AI, blockchain, and memes in an audacious experiment. It’s a reminder that innovation often comes from the most unexpected combinations. While the risks are high, the potential for creative exploration and community-driven progress is even higher.

 As the world continues to grapple with the implications of AI and blockchain, projects like Bad Idea AI remind us that the future remains an uncharted territory where imagination knows no bounds..


Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions because Investing in digital assets is extremely risky. Digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. No information on this website is intended to be a solicitation or an offer.

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