Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) Cryoticurrency

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) Surging following Exchange Listing Today

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) Surging following Exchange Listing Today

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) Cryoticurrency

/ POLIS token surges 32% on LBank Exchange listing, as Star Atlas DAO takes the gaming metaverse by storm.

By Nilesh Hembade.

Date: 02 Nov 2023, 13:22 PM IST

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS), a pioneering name in the world of gaming metaverse, has taken center stage in the cryptocurrency market today. The native token of Star Atlas DAO, the POLIS token, experienced a remarkable surge of +32% in its value, effectively catching the eye of cryptocurrency investors. This significant upswing in the POLIS token’s value can be attributed to its recent listing on a prominent exchange.

As of the latest data, the POLIS token is trading at $0.288 with a market capitalization of $44 million, marking a substantial increase in both value and market recognition.

LBank Exchange Listing Fuels POLIS Token Surge:

LBank Exchange has made a public announcement regarding the listing of the POLIS token on their platform. The listing is scheduled to take place today, November 2, 2023, further boosting the excitement surrounding Star Atlas DAO’s cryptocurrency.

The POLIS token will be officially available for trading on LBank Exchange starting at 14:00 on November 2, 2023 (UTC). This news of the listing has generated substantial interest in the cryptocurrency community and is believed to be a primary factor contributing to the surge in the POLIS token’s value.

The gaming metaverse industry is experiencing remarkable growth and innovation, with Star Atlas DAO at the forefront of this revolution. The surge in the POLIS token’s value and its listing on LBank Exchange is a testament to the enthusiasm and optimism surrounding the project


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