Pi Network: The Team is Looking Forward To Bring Pi in Local Business

Pi Network: The Team is Looking Forward To Bring Pi in Local Business

By Nilesh Hembade 09-Sept-2023 6:23 AM GMT



Pi Network, a groundbreaking mobile blockchain mining project, continues to gain momentum in its mission to democratize access to cryptocurrencies.

Founded by a group of Ph.D. candidates from Stanford University, Pi Network has redefined cryptocurrency mining by allowing users to mine Pi coins using their smartphones. As Pi’s global adoption soars, the team is now setting its sights on integrating Pi into local businesses.


A New Frontier: Integrating Pi into Local Commerce

In an exciting development, the official Pi Network team has initiated a survey to gather insights on integrating Pi into local commerce and business operations. The survey is conveniently available within the official Pi Network mining app, inviting pioneers to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Source: Pi App

Key Survey Areas

The survey covers several crucial areas to shape the integration of Pi into local businesses:

Payment Integration: Exploring seamless ways to integrate Pi into local businesses’ payment systems, allowing customers to use Pi coins for purchases.

Business Adoption: Assessing the readiness of local businesses to accept Pi as a form of payment and understanding potential benefits and challenges.

User Experience: Gathering feedback on the user experience when using Pi for transactions in local stores and businesses.


Pi Network's Vision

The survey signifies a significant step in Pi Network’s evolution. It underlines the project’s commitment to becoming a practical and widely accepted cryptocurrency. By actively engaging its user base and local businesses, Pi Network aims to create a future where Pi coins are as common as traditional fiat currencies in local commerce



The journey to integrate Pi into local businesses has just begun, and Pi Network is eager to take this monumental step toward its vision of making cryptocurrency accessible to all.


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