Pi Network: Learn How to Use Staked DMs to Connect with Other Pioneers

Pi Network: Learn How to Use Staked DMs to Connect with Other Pioneers

Pi Network: Learn How to Use Staked DMs to Connect with Other Pioneers

Pi Network: Learn How to Use Staked DMs to Connect with Other Pioneers

/ Discover How to Use Pi Network’s Staked DMs – Secure, meaningful connections with Pi cryptocurrency.

By Nilesh Hembade.

Date: 30 Oct 2023, 14:15 PM IST

In a groundbreaking move, the Pi Network has recently announced an innovative feature that is set to transform the way its members, affectionately known as Pioneers, communicate with one another. The Pi Chat app now boasts “Staked Direct Messages” (Staked DMs), a feature that allows Pioneers to engage in private, one-on-one conversations by staking Pi cryptocurrency when initiating a message request.

This addition of Staked DMs marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Pi Network, enhancing social communication, elevating the utility of Pi cryptocurrency, and offering an enriched experience to Pioneers across the globe.


Learn How To Use Staked DMs: A Step-by-Step Guide

To harness the power of Staked DMs on Pi Chat, Pioneers must be ready to take a leap into the future of secure, meaningful interactions.

1.Stake to Initiate: Pioneers, wishing to initiate a one-on-one direct conversation with another Pioneer, are required to stake a certain amount of Pi. This staking mechanism not only discourages spam but also makes sure that participants are genuinely invested in the quality of their connections. This feature transforms it from a mere cost into a meaningful commitment.

2.Recipient’s Choice: Upon receiving a message request, the recipient holds the power to either accept or decline it. Their decision is guided by their authentic judgment of whether the connection holds value for them. No extrinsic rewards sway their choices. This ensures that the network is driven by genuine, authentic connections.

3.Staking and Reclaiming: If the message request is accepted, the initial staked Pi is returned to the sender. However, in the event of rejection, the sender forfeits their staked Pi, further emphasizing the importance of thoughtful and respectful communication.

4.Dynamic Minimum Staking: To maintain balance within the network, the minimum staked amount is subject to automatic adjustments. These adjustments are based on the interactions between specific recipients and senders. For instance, if a Pioneer abuses the messaging privilege by sending excessive automated messages or spam, they not only lose their staked Pi but also face higher stakes to initiate a new request.

This innovative solution takes a revolutionary approach to thwarting unwanted, unsolicited messages while expanding the use of Pi cryptocurrency within the ecosystem. Importantly, this mechanism creates minimal interference with the positive social interactions and collaborations that Pioneers are eager to engage in, ensuring the integrity of the Pi Network remains intact.


In essence, Staked DMs on Pi Chat have paved the way for a new era of meaningful, respectful communication. Pioneers can now engage in private conversations that are based on genuine connections, with the added layer of security and accountability offered by Pi cryptocurrency staking. As the Pi Network continues to evolve, these innovations are a testament to its commitment to fostering a robust and engaged community of Pioneers.


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