Pi Network June Hackathon Winner Takes Home 10,000 Pi Coins – Here’s Who Won

Pi Network June Hackathon Winner Takes Home 10,000 Pi Coins – Here’s Who Won

By Nilesh Hembade 4-August-2023 8:30 AM GMT

Pi Network June Hackathon Winner Takes Home 10,000 Pi Coins – Here’s Who Won (1)



Pi Network, the innovative blockchain-based platform, has recently revealed the victor of its highly anticipated June Pi Hackathon.

 The coveted title and a grand prize of 10,000 Pi coins have been awarded to the exceptional TanTan Social App for their remarkable contribution to the Pi Network ecosystem. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to nurture the development of the Pi ecosystem and provide opportunities for talented developers to shine.

What is TanTan Social App?

TanTan Social App’s triumphant success in the hackathon can be attributed to their dedication and ingenuity in crafting a complete and sophisticated social app that enhances the overall Pi Network experience. The app is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of Pi Network users, empowering them to create online communities, share multimedia content, interact with fellow users, and follow individuals and topics of interest.

What truly sets TanTan apart is their relentless pursuit of perfection and their unwavering commitment to refinement. Through each iteration of the hackathon, they have consistently improved the app’s features, performance, and overall integration with Pi Network. Such perseverance demonstrates their understanding of the value of continuous enhancement and their drive to deliver the best possible product to Pi Network users.

One of the standout additions to the app is the seamless integration of Pi Network functionalities, which further solidifies the app’s place within the Pi ecosystem. By incorporating Pi Network features, TanTan has exemplified the spirit of the hackathon, emphasizing the importance of expanding and integrating Pi’s blockchain capabilities.

Furthermore, TanTan’s ingenious introduction of a subscription model for VIP access to the app exemplifies utility creation and demonstrates their ability to envision sustainable revenue streams within the Pi ecosystem. This showcases their profound understanding of the platform’s potential and their dedication to contributing to its growth.


10000 Pi Coins Reward

In light of their remarkable achievements, Pi Network congratulates TanTan for Pi for their outstanding work and contributions to the Pi community. The 10,000 Pi coin reward is a token of appreciation for their innovative efforts, and it symbolizes the recognition of their exceptional skills and commitment to advancing the Pi Network ecosystem.

As the Pi Network continues to evolve and expand, events like the June Pi Hackathon play a pivotal role in driving progress and attracting talents from all corners of the globe. The Pi community eagerly awaits the next chapter of this innovative blockchain network, where developers like TanTan continue to leave a lasting impact.



The June Pi Hackathon has proven to be a resounding success, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication within the Pi Network community. 

TanTan Social App’s well-deserved victory highlights the importance of continuous improvement and seamless integration with Pi Network functionalities. As Pi Network continues its journey of growth and innovation, events like these serve as catalysts for progress, paving the way for a thriving ecosystem and an exciting future.


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