Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Surging Following A Major Support Level

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Surging Following A Major Support Level

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Surging Following A Major Support Level

By Nilesh Hembade 2-Sept-2023 10:08 AM GMT

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Surging Following A Major Support Level


Phala Network’s native cryptocurrency, $PHA, is making headlines today as it experiences a significant surge of +14.0% in the last 24 hours. With its current trading price at $0.0922 and a market capitalization of $55 million.

This surge is primarily attributed to crucial technical factors on the price chart that have come into play.


The Reason Behind the Surge

The recent surge in the price of the PHA coin can be attributed to a critical technical development. Specifically, the PHA coin found strong support at the $0.0806 level, which has proven to be a pivotal point for its price movements. After touching this crucial support level, the PHA coin has experienced an impressive increase of +14.0% today, reaching a trading price of $0.0922.

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin
Source: Trading View

Phala Network, the underlying platform for $PHA, is gaining recognition for its unique offering in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a privacy-preserving cloud computing service that provides computing power comparable to existing cloud services while prioritizing the privacy and security of managed programs


What Sets Phala Network Apart?

Phala Network distinguishes itself through its innovative TEE-Blockchain Hybrid Architecture. This architecture allows developers to deploy confidential smart contracts that run securely inside Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) enclaves within the CPU. 

This cutting-edge technology ensures the utmost privacy and security for users and developers, making Phala Network an attractive option for those seeking privacy-preserving solutions in the blockchain space.

The surge in $PHA’s price is indicative of the growing interest in privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. As the need for secure and private transactions continues to gain prominence, Phala Network’s unique approach is drawing attention from both investors and developers.



Phala Network’s $PHA coin has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth in recent times, with the latest surge fueled by a critical support level breakthrough. With its innovative privacy-preserving solutions and TEE-Blockchain Hybrid Architecture, Phala Network is positioning itself as a leader in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology


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