Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Goes Bullish Following A Major Breakout

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Goes Bullish Following A Major Breakout

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Goes Bullish Following A Major Breakout

By Nilesh Hembade 14-August-2023 1:32 PM GMT

Phala Network’s $PHA Coin Goes Bullish Following A Major Breakout



In a significant turn of events, Phala Network’s native cryptocurrency, $PHA Coin, has experienced an impressive surge today, soaring by an astounding +33.80% today. This remarkable price surge has propelled $PHA Coin to the forefront of the market, as it claims the top spot on Binance Exchange’s list of the day’s biggest gainers.

As of the latest data, $PHA Coin is trading at $0.1233, boasting a market capitalization of $73,183,034. This surge in value marks a pivotal moment for Phala Network, a privacy-focused cloud computing service that offers computing power comparable to existing cloud services while prioritizing the protection of user privacy for managed programs.

The surge in $PHA Coin’s value has garnered significant attention and speculation within the cryptocurrency community, prompting a closer look into the factors that have contributed to this bullish breakout


Breaking the Downtrend: A Key Catalyst

One of the driving forces behind the impressive surge in $PHA Coin’s price has been its successful breakout from a downtrend that had been constraining its value. Within the span of just one day, $PHA managed to decisively break free from this downtrend at a price of $0.0937. Following this breakout, the coin’s value swiftly climbed to $0.1224, marking an impressive increase of +33.42% over the course of a single day.

phala network $PHA coin 1d timeframe chart

This breakout from the downtrend has ignited a renewed sense of optimism within the Phala Network community and the broader cryptocurrency market. Many analysts and enthusiasts believe that this breakout could potentially set the stage for even greater price increases in the days to come.


Future Outlook and Potential Gains

The remarkable surge in $PHA Coin’s value, fueled by its breakout from a downtrend, has left investors and observers eager to see how this trend will continue to unfold. With the coin’s current momentum, there is growing anticipation that $PHA Coin’s value could see further appreciation in the near future.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and experience shifts in sentiment, the fate of $PHA Coin remains closely intertwined with the broader trends in the industry. Nevertheless, the recent bullish breakout has provided investors and supporters of Phala Network with renewed hope and a strong indication of the coin’s potential.



Phala Network’s $PHA Coin has achieved a remarkable bullish breakout, surging by an impressive +33.80% and claiming the top spot on Binance Exchange’s list of top gainers. The successful breakout from a downtrend has revitalized the coin’s value and sparked optimism within the cryptocurrency community..


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