Missed out on Trump ( MAGA) TIB Token Launches on Solana to 'Make America Bread Again' – Don’t Miss Out!-Featured Image

Missed out on Trump ($MAGA)? $TIB Token Launches on Solana to ‘Make America Bread Again’ – Don’t Miss Out!

May 23, 2024 Trump In Bred ($TIB), the latest meme token on the Solana blockchain, has officially launched. This new token humorously immortalizes the unforgettable image of Donald Trump with a slice of bread on his face, aiming to unite supporters under the banner of making America “bread” again.
About Trump In Bred

Trump In Bred ($TIB) is a purely community-driven token with no intrinsic utility beyond celebrating the spirit of Trump’s victory over “Sleepy Joe Boden” in the 2024 election. Created by a development team known as the Baker’s Cabinet, $TIB symbolizes the triumph of humor, bread, and the enduring legacy of Donald Trump.

Token Launch Details:

Total Supply: 742,239,750 $TIB
Token Address: 2geKRDgKJVxL8mqrnQAhf1ojDu2DdmD5AGihSKisiqbo
Public Launch Allocation: 70% of the total supply is available to the public via decentralized exchanges, ensuring broad access and fair distribution among Trump In Bred supporters.
Campaign Team Allocation: 10% of the supply is reserved for the Baker’s Cabinet to support ongoing development and marketing efforts.
Burn Allocation: 20% of the supply is designated as “Lost Ballots” and will be burned to mimic the spirit of political contention.
Liquidity Pool: Tokens used to create the Liquidity Pool (LP) will be locked and burned to ensure long-term stability and community trust.

Community Engagement:

Trump In Bred is more than just a token; it’s a rallying cry for all who believe in the power of bread, humor, and the enduring legacy of Donald Trump. The development team, known as the Baker’s Cabinet, consists of experienced creators in the realms of meme coins, NFTs, and the Solana blockchain.

Community Links (The Breadquarters)

Website: trumpinbred.xyz
Telegram: https://t.me/trumpinbred
Twitter: https://x.com/trumpinbredsol

Contact Information:
Mr. Terry Marsh
Cheung Kong Center, 2 Queens Road Central, Central,
Central District, Hong Kong,

Disclaimer: Investment and participation in the $TIB is subject to individual discretion. Please conduct your own research before investing in Trump In Bred.

Disclaimer and Risk Warning:

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