Injective, NEO and Pancakeswap Are Among the Cryptocurrencies to Watch Out For This Week

Injective, NEO and Pancakeswap Are Among the Cryptocurrencies to Watch Out For This Week


/ Stay informed with Injective, NEO, and PancakeSwap – the top cryptocurrencies to watch this week, showing impressive gains.

By Nilesh Hembade.

Date: Monday 06 Nov 2023, 11:30 AM IST

As a fresh week kicks off in the world of cryptocurrencies, enthusiasts and investors alike are greeted by a sea of green. The market sentiment appears bullish, with Bitcoin trading at $35,104 and recording a modest gain of +1%, while Ethereum follows closely at $1,894 with a more substantial increase of +3%. The week ahead promises to be intriguing for the crypto market, but three tokens that stood out in the past week continue to capture the attention of traders and analysts.

1.Injective (INJ):

Injective, a blockchain platform designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, has been making waves in the cryptocurrency space. Over the last 30 days, its native coin, INJ, has demonstrated a remarkable performance, surging by an impressive +112.0%. This sustained upward trend has marked INJ as a significant player in the market, drawing the attention of investors and traders.

Today, INJ continues its surge, with a gain of +6.01% and a trading price of $16.01. The crypto community will be keeping a close eye on Injective as it continues to demonstrate its strength in the market.

2.Neo (NEO):

The native token of the NEO blockchain has also been putting up a strong showing over the past month. In the last 30 days, NEO has surged by an impressive +94%, showcasing its resilience and potential. The past week alone saw NEO making a notable gain of +46%, solidifying its position as a cryptocurrency to watch.

Today, NEO continues its impressive run, surging by 18.73% and trading at a price of $13.51. NEO’s remarkable performance is making it an attractive choice for investors who seek strong returns in the cryptocurrency market.

3.PancakeSwap (CAKE):

The world of decentralized finance is buzzing, and PancakeSwap is at the forefront of this excitement. In the past seven days, this DeFi application has witnessed an impressive surge of +88%, capturing the imagination of the crypto community.

Today, the CAKE token continues to ride this wave, with a gain of +10.90% in the last 24 hours, and it’s currently trading at $2.32. PancakeSwap’s robust performance in the DeFi sector highlights its potential to provide lucrative opportunities for those who recognize its value.

As the cryptocurrency market enters a new week, these three tokens, Injective (INJ), Neo (NEO), and PancakeSwap (CAKE), continue to be in the spotlight. Their remarkable performances over recent weeks make them cryptocurrencies to watch out for, as they showcase the potential for significant gains in an ever-evolving digital asset landscape.

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