Breaking News: Bitgert Brise Wallet Hacked – What You Need to Know

Breaking News: Bitgert Brise Wallet Hacked – What You Need to Know

By Nilesh Hembade 06-August-2023 06:03 PM GMT

Breaking News Bitgert Brise Wallet Hacked



Bitgert Brise, a prominent cryptocurrency, is reeling from a major security breach as its staking wallet fell victim to a malicious hack. The platform’s whales staking wallet, which housed a staggering 3 trillion of Brise coins, was breached by a malicious attacker. Since the hack, the price of Bitgert Brise has dropped by -11.50% to $0.0000002314 at the time of writing.

The attack specifically targeted the staking smart contract, resulting in the temporary suspension of staking activities on the Bitgert Brise network. During the breach, the hacker successfully targeted a whale wallet address, enabling them to steal a massive amount of 3 trillion Brise coins while the whale was staking.


As a response to the hack, the Bitgert Brise team immediately took action to secure the network and investigate the incident. However, the damage had already been done, and the stolen funds remain untraceable at the time of this report.



Investigation Report

Upon thorough investigation, the Bitgert Brise team made a significant discovery. They found evidence that the hacker used Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, to deposit BNB into the illicit wallet address (0x73f2b0e0d292eb9b9f627904e5c6ff611e302168). With this crucial information in hand, the Bitgert Brise team promptly informed Binance of the incident and requested the exchange’s cooperation in identifying the hacker.



Reward For Assistance ​

In a bold move to incentivize the cryptocurrency community to come forward with information, the Bitgert Brise team announced a generous reward of $100,000 USDT to anyone who assists in identifying the perpetrator responsible for this audacious hack.

Furthermore, Bitgert Brise issued a stern ultimatum to the hacker, demanding the return of the stolen funds within 48 hours. Failure to comply with this demand will result in the Bitgert Brise team pursuing legal action against the individual or group responsible for the theft.



The hacking incident involving Bitgert Brise’s staking wallet has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community. With a staggering 3 trillion Brise coins stolen from a whale’s staking wallet, the severity of the breach cannot be understated. This unfortunate event highlights the ongoing risks and challenges faced by digital asset platforms, despite advancements in security measures.


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