Bone ShibaSwap Turns Bullish Following Shibarium’s Major Updates

Bone ShibaSwap Turns Bullish Following Shibarium’s Major Updates

By Nilesh Hembade 24-August-2023 4:45 PM GMT

Bone ShibaSwap Turns Bullish Following Shibarium’s Major Updates



In the excitement of Shibarium, the utility token $BONE, has surged into the spotlight as it secures its place as one of the top gainers in today’s cryptocurrency market. The Bone ShibaSwap token, known as $BONE, has soared by an impressive +13.66% over the past 24 hours, outshining even the most established players in the cryptocurrency arena.

As of the time of reporting, the $BONE token is actively trading at $1.37, boasting a market capitalization that has now reached an impressive $314,453,204.


Factors Behind $BONE Surge

1.Integration with Shibarium Blockchain on DEXtool:

One significant contributor to the surge is the recent major announcement involving Shibarium and DEXtool. DEXtool, renowned as the ultimate trading app for decentralized finance (DEFI), has officially integrated the Shibarium blockchain. 

This development allows users the opportunity to trade Shibarium tokens directly through the DEXToolsApp platform. This integration not only adds a new level of accessibility but also bolsters Shibarium’s credibility within the DEFI space


Stuck BONE Tokens Are Back

 Furhermore, the recent surge of $BONE can be attributed to a significant development in the Shiba ecosystem. ShibariumTech’s Marketing Strategist, known by the moniker “𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐄,” made a groundbreaking announcement today. It has been confirmed that a substantial number of previously locked BONE tokens have been successfully sent to users’ wallets.


The cryptocurrency market, known for its rapid fluctuations, has witnessed Bone ShibaSwap’s $BONE token making headlines as it defies the norm and showcases an impressive upward trajectory.



The Bone ShibaSwap’s $BONE token has surged by an impressive +13.66% in the last 24 hours, emerging as a top gainer in the cryptocurrency market. 

This surge can be attributed to two major developments: the successful integration of Shibarium blockchain into DEXtool, enabling users to trade Shibarium tokens directly on their platform, and the stuck BONE Tokens are backed to user wallet balances.


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