Bluzelle’s $BLZ Coin Goes Bullish, Up By +41.00% | Here is Why |

Bluzelle’s $BLZ Coin Goes Bullish, Up By +41.00% , Here is Why

By Nilesh Hembade 13-August-2023 11:35 AM GMT

Bluzelle’s $BLZ Coin Goes Bullish, Up By +41.00% Here is Why



In cryptocurrency market today, Bluzelle’s native cryptocurrency, $BLZ Coin, has experienced a substantial surge, climbing by an impressive +41.00% in the past 24 hours. This surge comes hot on the heels of an already impressive performance over the last week, with the coin soaring by an astounding +68.40% within the span of just seven days.

As of today, the $BLZ Coin is trading at $0.08559, showcasing a remarkable gain of +42.34% in the last 24 hours alone. This surge has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community and investors, sparking speculation and excitement about the factors driving this bullish momentum.

Bluzelle, the decentralized storage network responsible for the $BLZ Coin, is a project that has been gaining traction in the crypto space for its innovative approach to solving challenges related to data storage and security. Bluzelle offers a platform that emphasizes high security, unparalleled availability, and resistance to censorship. 

This network caters not only to developers but also to a diverse range of creators including artists, musicians, scientists, publishers, and individuals involved in NFTs and DeFi (Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Finance).


Factor Behind Bluzelle’s $BLZ Coin"s Surge

The surge in the value of $BLZ Coin can be attributed to a significant technical development. An analysis of the coin’s daily timeframe reveals that it recently experienced a breakout from a descending channel pattern. 

This event occurred on August 12th, with the breakout price recorded at $0.05600. Since then, the coin’s value has enjoyed a remarkable uptrend, reaching its current trading price of $0.08559. This surge represents a considerable +42.34% gain within a single day, further affirming the positive sentiment surrounding the $BLZ Coin.

Credits: @Cliton Fx




Bluzelle’s $BLZ Coin has experienced a remarkable surge of +41.00%, captivating the cryptocurrency community’s attention. With an impressive +68.40% gain over the past week, this surge follows a breakout from a descending channel pattern, driving the coin’s value to $0.08559—a substantial +42.34% gain within a single day.


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