Bitcoin and Ethereum remain Stable, But This Coin Has Given a massive return of +1100%.

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain Stable, But This Coin Has Given a massive return of +1100%.By Nilesh Hembade 09-August-2023 6:15 AM GMT

In a week that has seen major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum hold their ground, one coin has managed to capture the attention of the cryptocurrency market with an astonishing surge of over +1100% in just 7 days. While Bitcoin and Ethereum maintained stability, Taraxa (TARA), a relatively lesser-known cryptocurrency, has defied expectations and soared to unprecedented heights.

Bitcoin ($BTC), the pioneer cryptocurrency, has experienced a steady trading range over the past week, hovering around $29,500. This represents a minor increase of +0.20% over the 7-day period, indicating a remarkable level of stability for the digital gold.

Similarly, Ethereum ($ETH), known for its smart contract capabilities, has seen a marginal decline of -0.34% over the same period. Ethereum is currently trading at approximately $1850, demonstrating resilience in the face of market fluctuations.

However, it is Taraxa ($TARA) that has truly grabbed the spotlight. The coin has exhibited a meteoric rise of over 1100% within the span of just one week, leaving industry experts and investors alike astounded. Presently trading at $0.0131, Taraxa has surged an additional +65.42% in the last 24 hours alone.

A Closer Look at Taraxa ($TARA)

Taraxa is not just another cryptocurrency; it is a Layer 1 (L1) public ledger that emphasizes speed, scalability, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. One of its primary goals is to democratize reputation by making informal data reliable and trustworthy through its innovative technology.

One of the standout features of Taraxa’s architecture is its utilization of the GHOST rule to ensure block Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) convergence. This unique approach not only enhances the platform’s scalability but also contributes to its overall efficiency, setting it apart from many other blockchain solutions.

The Utility of the $TARA Token

The Taraxa token ($TARA) is the lifeblood of the platform, serving multiple functions within the ecosystem. Token holders can use $TARA to initiate transactions and cover the associated processing costs, with a portion of these fees being allocated to network validators.

Furthermore, Taraxa tokens can be staked as security deposits, granting users the opportunity to become eligible validators on the network. This staking mechanism not only contributes to network security but also provides incentives for active participation in maintaining the integrity of the Taraxa ecosystem.


While Bitcoin and Ethereum have maintained their stability over the past week, it’s the lesser-known cryptocurrency Taraxa ($TARA) that has stolen the spotlight with an incredible surge of over 1100% in just 7 days. Trading at $0.0131 and rising 65.42% in the last 24 hours, Taraxa’s unique approach to speed, scalability, and democratizing reputation has captured the attention of the crypto community. Its utility as both a transaction initiator and validator deposit on the Taraxa platform showcases its potential impact on the evolving crypto landscape. However, investors should approach the space with caution, given its inherent volatility and risks.


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