API3 (API3) Token Surging After Much Awaited Airdrop Announcement Declared

API3 (API3) Token Surging After Much Awaited Airdrop Announcement Declared


/ API3 token surges 25% after long-awaited distribution announcement. Check eligibility and claim your share on API3’s official website now.

By Nilesh Hembade.

Date: 07 Nov 2023, 11:25 AM IST

API3, the decentralized Oracle project that’s been making waves in the Web3 ecosystem, is grabbing the spotlight in the cryptocurrency market today. The native token $API3 is surging with an impressive gain of +25% over the past 24 hours.

This remarkable surge in API3’s token price comes hot on the heels of a highly anticipated announcement from the API3 team. As of the time of writing, the API3 token is trading at $1.64, boasting a market cap of $141 million, signaling a positive turn of events for the project.

The big news that has caused this recent surge is none other than API3’s eagerly awaited token distribution. On Nov 06, API3 officially declared the commencement of their long-anticipated token distribution, which has been met with enthusiasm from the cryptocurrency community.

Contributors who have eagerly been waiting for their piece of the API3 pie can now check their eligibility and make their claims on the official API3 website at https://api3-dao.com. This marks a significant milestone for the project and its dedicated community.

Notably, API3 is generously allocating a substantial sum of $6,000,000 for an airdrop as part of this distribution. The distribution is designed to reward those who have actively participated in the API3 ecosystem, and the allocation will be based on on-chain activity. This ensures that those who have been actively engaged with the project are duly recognized and rewarded for their support.

With this exciting announcement and the subsequent surge in token price, API3 is demonstrating its commitment to building a strong and engaged community while advancing its mission to provide essential data services for developers and data providers within the Web3 ecosystem.


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