AirDao (AMB) Crypto Turns Bullish | Surges By +50% | Check out what’s driving it |

AirDao (AMB) Crypto Turns Bullish | Surges By +50% | Check out what’s driving it |

By Nilesh Hembade 28-August-2023 8:01 AM GMT

AirDao (AMB) Crypto Turns Bullish Surges By +50% Check out what’s driving it



AirDao’s cryptocurrency (AMB) has experienced a significant bullish surge, propelling its value by an impressive +52.28% over the last 24 hours. As of the time of reporting, AMB coin stands as the top gainer on the renowned Binance exchange.

 With a current trading price of $0.009918 and a market capitalization of $15,970,567, the cryptocurrency’s remarkable upswing has garnered substantial attention within the financial and crypto communities

AirDao, a decentralized autonomous organization, holds jurisdiction over the Ambrosus blockchain along with its array of decentralized applications (dApps). Distinguishing itself as the first DAO to encompass an entire Layer 1 (L1) blockchain ecosystem, AirDao is devoted to constructing an integrated suite of digital products and services..


Factor Behind AirDao $AMB Coin Surge

The driving force behind the recent surge in AMB Crypto’s value can be attributed to a pivotal technical catalyst. Notably, AMB Coin achieved a breakthrough by breaking out of a symmetrical triangle pattern on the 2-hour timeframe.

 This breakout commenced from a price point of $0.0666, subsequently surging by an impressive 50% and reaching the $0.011 mark.

amb crypto chart
Source: TradingView

The recent bullish momentum surrounding AMB Crypto has instilled a renewed sense of enthusiasm among investors and enthusiasts alike. 

As market participants closely monitor the cryptocurrency’s performance, the broader implications of AirDao’s advancements in simplifying and enhancing the Web3 experience are anticipated to reverberate through the cryptocurrency space.



The recent surge of AirDao’s AMB Crypto by +52.28% within a 24-hour timeframe stands as a notable event within the cryptocurrency realm. 

The technical catalyst of breaking out from a symmetrical triangle, coupled with AirDao’s mission to streamline Web3 experiences, has contributed to this bullish upswing.


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