Learn How to Use Pi Network's Staked DMs Feature

Date: 30 Oct 2023

By- Coinsprobe

Pi Networks New Feature

Pi Network has recently announced a new feature – Staked Direct Messages (Staked DMs) on their Pi Chat app.  

Enhanced Communication 

The introduction of Staked DMs represents a significant step toward enhancing online social communication.  Let's see how to use it.

1.Stake to Initiate: 

Pioneers, wishing to initiate a one-on-one direct conversation with another Pioneer, are required to stake a certain amount of Pi. 

2.Recipient's Choice: 

Upon receiving a message request, the recipient holds the power to either accept or decline it 

3.Staking and Reclaiming 

If the message request is accepted, the initial staked Pi is returned to the sender.  

4.Dynamic Staking 

To maintain balance within the network, the minimum staked amount is subject to automatic adjustments.

5. Spam Panalty

If a Pioneer abuses the messaging privilege by sending excessive  spam, they will lose their staked Pi 

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