Memeinator ICO: Complete Details About Token Presale

Memeinator ICO Presale Image

Amidst the transient nature of many meme coins that often fade into obscurity, the Memeinator seeks to break the mold. Inspired by the iconic Terminator series, Memeinator doesn’t rely solely on its catchy name. It boasts a clear mission—to stand tall in the crowded crypto landscape and target an ambitious $1 billion market cap.

At its core, Memeinator operates through its native token, MMTR. More than just a token, MMTR serves as a key unlocking various features designed to enhance user experience and offer avenues for potential gains. For those seeking earnings beyond standard transactions, MMTR provides staking options, enabling token holders to potentially benefit from the coin’s growth over time.

Ticker: MMTR

Type: Meme-token 

Token standard: ERC-20

ICO Token Price: 1 MMTR= 0.0246 USD

Presale Stage: 17

Total Stages: 29

Whitepaper: Click Here


MARCO TONETTI (Head of Product)

Official Presale Website

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