Blast Airdrop Guide


Blast is shaking up the L2 world with a game-changing twist: your crypto earns while it sits. Imagine getting paid just for holding ETH or stablecoins on Blast’s platform. That’s exactly what their built-in yield does, automatically channeling rewards from staking and RWA protocols back to you. It’s like getting free cash back on your crypto, with rates as high as 4% on ETH and 5% on stablecoins. Forget the 0% you’d get on other L2s—Blast is here to make your crypto work for you.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Built-in Yield: Earn rewards automatically, just for using Blast.
  • New Revenue Streams: Blast’s yield opens up opportunities for innovative ways to earn and reward users.
  • ETH-First Focus: ETH is the star of the show on Blast, with Dapps and transactions built around it.
  • Natively Rebasing ETH: Blast is engineered to make ETH itself grow on the L2, maximizing your gains.

Early Adopters Get Rewarded:

Blast is backed by big names like Paradigm and Standard Crypto, and they’re giving early users a chance to share in the success. Sign up with an invite code, bridge some ETH, and invite your friends to earn airdrop points that convert to Blast tokens in May. It’s time to get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary L2!

Official Website:

Step By Step Guide

  1. Access the Platform:

    • Visit the Blast website and click “Join Early Access.”
    • Use’s exclusive unlimited invite code “WS7XR” to unlock the platform.
    • Follow Blast on Twitter and Discord for updates and community fun.
  2. Connect Your Wallet:

    • Link your preferred crypto wallet to Blast to start interacting.
  3. Bridge Your Assets:

    • Head to the “Bridge” section and transfer ETH or other supported tokens from Ethereum to Blast L2.
    • If you need ETH or other tokens, get them easily on Binance.
    • Remember, tokens bridged now can be withdrawn in February once the mainnet launches.
  4. Earn Rewards and Spins:

    • Start earning 4% interest on ETH and 5% on stablecoins, leaving other L2s with their 0% in the dust.
    • Get one spin per week for each ETH deposited, unlocking airdrop points.
  5. Invite Friends and Get More Spins:

    • After bridging, you’ll receive referral codes to share with friends.
    • The more you and your friends bridge, the more spins you’ll earn!
  6. Convert Points to Blast Tokens:

    • All those airdrop points you’ve accumulated will be convertible to Blast tokens in May.

Follow these steps carefully to ensure you can claim your Blast Airdrop successfully.

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