XDC Network $XDC Coin has been performing well since last 7 days. 

The $XDC coin is up by remarkable +69.19% in past 7 days. 

Currently XDC Network $XDC Coin is trading at $0.05757 with+ 14.05% (1d)  

XDC Network (XDC) has experienced a bullish trend with several factors potentially :

ChainIDE Launch (July 19):  The launch of ChainIDE, a development environment for XDC Network, may have sparked interest and confidence in the project  

Elon Musk's Twitter Activity (July 23):  When Elon Musk changed his Twitter logo to an "X," it could have drawn attention to X tokens, including XDC

WebX Asia Partnership (July 25):  XDC Network's participation in WebX Asia, a prominent blockchain event in Asia 

Overall, these events and developments could have contributed to the significant +69.19% price surge over the past 7 days 

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