What is the Friend.tech Social Platform That Earns $25 M in fees?


Friend.tech is a decentralized social platform that has gained significant attention shortly after its beta launch. 

Since its Aug. 10 launch, Friend.tech Social Platform has generated $25 Million in Revenue  by Gaining 100K User.(SRC:COINDESK)

The platform allows users to tokenize their social connections by selling "shares" of themselves, offering influencers and users a novel way to monetize their social interactions. 

Friend.tech has generated discussions and debates within the crypto community due to its unique approach to social networking and monetization. 

Within just a week post-beta launch, Friend.tech has outpaced established social platforms, showcasing rapid growth and adoption. 

The platform's rise has sparked conversations about data privacy, as users are essentially trading their social interactions for financial gain. 

Friend.tech is built on Coinbase's layer-2 network, Base, which facilitates faster and more cost-effective transactions 

The platform heralds a paradigm shift in the world of social networking by turning friendships into tradable commodities. 

Users can grant privileges like private messaging and interaction rights based on the shares they own 

Influencers and content creators can benefit from selling shares of their social presence, potentially revolutionizing how online creators earn revenue.