Top Six Things You Need to Know About Pi Network

Date: 12 Nov 2023

By- Coinsprobe

1.Pi Native Currency is a Coin 

Pi is a coin with its native pi blockchain, like to BNB Chain and Ethereum. 

2.$Pi Cannot Be Traded Yet 

$Pi is not tradable on any exchange as Pi Network is in an enclosed mainnet. 

3.Pi Coin is Only Obtained Through Mining 

$Pi can only be obtained through mining on the mobile application. 

4.Developers Can Build on Pi Blockchain 

Developers can build dApps on the Pi blockchain, as showcased in the Pi Hackathon. 

5.Pi Mining is Free 

Mining Pi is free; users need only download the mobile app to start. 

6.Focus on Mass KYC and Ecosystem Building 

Pi is in an enclosed mainnet phase, prioritizing mass KYC and ecosystem development. 

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