Top 10 High Potential AI Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For Bull Run

By Coinsprobe Date: 12 June 2024 

AI Overview:

The artificial intelligence sector is constantly growing as big giants like NVIDIA, OpenAI, Google, Amazon, and Tesla are focused on the use of AI and its developments with huge investment. Therefore,  the future market holds big potential for AI cryptocurrencies as well.

11) AIOZ Network (AIOZ)

Price: $0.7136 MarketCap: $783 Million

Primarily focuses on decentralized content delivery and streaming services, rather than AI training platforms.

10) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Price: $0.7378 MarketCap: $420 Million

Democratizes access to valuable AI training data by creating a secure marketplace on the blockchain, accelerating innovation in AI development.

9) Akash Network 

Price: $3.74 MarketCap: $899 Million

Provides a decentralized marketplace for cloud computing resources, optimizing resource allocation & cost through decentralized means.

8) Injective (INJ)

Price: $31.79 MarketCap: $2.97 Billion

Injective Protocol leverages AI to enhance efficiency and decision-making within its decentralized derivatives exchange.

7) Internet Computer (ICP)

Price: $10.57 MarketCap: $4.92 Billion

ICP looks to achieve several long-term goals in ai and introduced new AI Smart Contracts.

6) Bittensor (TAO)

Price: $359.06 MarketCap: $2.51 Billion

Focuses on creating a decentralized network for machine learning, enabling secure and collaborative model training.

5) (FET)

Price: $1.73 MarketCap: $1.48 Billion

Develops autonomous AI agents for decentralized marketplaces, streamlining transactions and resource allocation.

4) SingularityNet (AGIX)

Price: $0.7280 MarketCap: $939 Million

Aims for the holy grail of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), building a global AI network on the blockchain for complex problem-solving.

3) The Graph $GRT

Price: $0.2698 MarketCap: $2.58 Billion

Leverages AI and ML to efficiently index & query data on blockchains, facilitating faster & powerful dApp development.

2) Render $RNDR

Price: $9.18 MarketCap: $3.60 Billion

Primarily a decentralized rendering platform, utilizing some AI for resource allocation and optimizing rendering tasks.

1) Near Protocol $NEAR

Price: $6.68 MarketCap: $8.43 Billion

Utilizes AI for aspects like network optimization and smart contract deployment, though it’s not strictly AI-focused.


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