Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Grab in this Dip

By Nilesh Hembade (Coinsprobe)

Date :  14 May 2024

Market Overview:

The price of bitcoin has dropped to $60K and is currently retesting after a breakout from the $63,285 price level. From here, a successive pullback will lead BTC to $67K, and a downturn will lead to $57K.  Here are the tokens that can be grabbed in the dip in terms of the bull run.

10) Pepecoin (PEPE)

MarketCap: $4.32 Billion

Narrative: Memecoin

Price: $0.00001031

9) Worldcoin (WLD)

MarketCap: $4.72 Billion

Narrative: Privacy

Price: $4.72

8) Manta Network (MANTA)

MarketCap: $393 Million

Narrative:  Modular Blockchain

Price: $1.56

7) Jupiter (JUP)

MarketCap: $1.38 Billion

Narrative: DEX

Price: $1.02

6) Render (RNDR)

MarketCap: $3.89 Billion

Narrative: AI

Price: $10.01

5) Hedera (HBAR)

MarketCap: $3.78 Billion

Narrative: Dapps

Price: $0.1057

4) Kaspa (KAS)

MarketCap: $2.68 Billion

Narrative:  Layer-1

Price: $0.1133

3) dogwifhat (WIF)

MarketCap: $2.81 Billion

Narrative:  Meme

Price: $2.81

2) Aptos (APT)

MarketCap: $3.40 Billion

Narrative:  Layer 1

Price: $7.84

1) Toncoin (TON)

MarketCap: $23 Billion

Narrative:  Layer 1 Blockchain

Price: $6.74


The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. The listed tokens are part of an analysis and are not recommendations to buy or sell any specific cryptocurrency. 


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