Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Mainnet Goes Live: Checkout Key Things


Shiba Inu launched Shibarium mainnet, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution on Aug. 16. 

The launch followed extensive testing involving millions of users and 21 million wallets created. 

Shibarium employs a novel consensus mechanism called proof-of-participation (PoP) to select validators based on their crypto holdings. 

PoP aims to reduce the computational cost compared to traditional proof-of-work systems. 

The main goal of Shibarium is to enhance scalability and cost-efficiency for transactions compared to Ethereum's primary layer-1 blockchain. 

Heimdall validator and Bor block production nodes are utilized in Shibarium, similar to Polygon's setup. 

Heimdall employs the Tendermint consensus engine, while Bor is interoperable with Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

Validators need to lock 10,000 BONE on Shibarium to participate, with 21 million BONE reserved for rewards and gas charges.