Rimaunangis (RXT) Coin is up by Massive +10205% in Last 35 Days 

Rimaunangis (RXT) crypto coin has been in skyrocket mode since the last 35 days. 

This Cryptocurrency price saw a massive gain of +10205% in last 35 days

This coin is currently trading at $1.02 which is up from $0.0099 level (35 days ago)

Rimaunangis (RXT) Is Ecosystem which contains their Metaverse and NFT Collections  

Rimaunangis (RXT)  Ecosystem using RXT Coin as a utility token to access their whole ecosystrm

This coin were launched on June 2022 on coinmarketcap and went to its all time high of $15.30 

Recently Rimaunangis (RXT) hits its all time low on  5 June 2023 $0.09986 

The Recent Developments and CEX listings makes huge gain in this coin

Rimaunangis (RXT) is recenlty hits on major exchanges like MEXC & BTMART

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