Maker MKR  Cryptocurrency is looking bullish today and joins the top gainers list

Maker MKR  Cryptocurrency has experienced a surge of +18.19% in the last 24 hr

Maker MKR  Cryptocurrency has moved up by +59.49% in last 30 days

Currently, Maker MKR  Cryptocurrency is trading at $1,164.71  +17.69% (1d)

The reason behind of this surge is reduced fees by MakerDao

Stability Fees and Liquidation Ratios have been reduced for many ETH, WSTETH, RETH, and WBTC vault types

This allows Maker Vault users to continue leveraging, trading, or saving with their minted DAI at cheaper fees. 

The announcement was declared on 19 July 2023

The effect of this announcement is making MKR price up today  

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